Admiral Galrik Rykurn

Imperial Naval Commander

Galrik Rykurn is a member of one of the oldest noble houses in the empire. His family has vast holdings and is often considered the most likely successor to the Iron Throne should the Vanuurak line fail. He will never openly speak against the empress, but is one of many nobles who look to the day when Prince Nadrak will take the throne.

Galrik is a graduate of the Imperial War College where he was the top student in his class and excelled at naval strategy and tactics. After graduating he quickly became the captain of his own warship and gradually climbed up through the ranks.

Galrik is middle aged (55) with sea-green eyes. He spends as much time aboard his flagship, the Kraken, as possible though administrative duties keep him away more than he would like. He walks with the rolling gait associated with long-time sailors, and can curse with the best of them. He is loved by the common sailors, but feared and respected by his officers. Galrik holds all of his officers to his own high standards, and will accept no less than the best from them. He maintains a heated, yet respectful rivalry with General Kang.

Despite his age he still cuts an imposing figure (6'0", 220 lbs) in his non-conventional Kaardon dress. He prefers to dress as more of a swashbuckler/pirate; white ruffled shirt with puffed sleeves, black leather vest, and dark blue pants tucked into knee-high sharkskin boots. Though trained with a broad sword, the preferred weapon of the nobility, Galrik prefers the cutlass, as it helps him to maintain his swashbuckling image.

Stat block: (Male Kaardon L12 Ftr)

Magic Items
Bracers of Defense +5 armor
+2 Earring of Protection
Ring of Swimming
Ring of Water Breathing
Cutlass +2/+4 -vs.- Evil Sea Creatures

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