Ahzric Tryll

Imperial Grand Wizard & Court Sage

The Kaardon have never had many powerful wizards, the race just doesn't seem to have the affinity for magic as some of the other races do. Ahzric Tryll is the most powerful Kaardon wizard currently living, and is a graduate of the Castle of Controlling Power's school of Wizardry. He is determined to increase the number of Kaardonese mages, and has started a small Wizard's College in Tai-Than to do just that.

The Tryll family has been a long-time ally of the Vanuraak, so it was only natural for Emperor Jagang to name Ahzric Imperial Grand Wizard. Though he appears to be middle aged (45), Ahzric is actually quite old (110), though quite spry for his age. He has deep green eyes that seem to see right through others. He dresses in typical Kaardon dress, though wears a set of rune covered robes over top.

He currently spends much of his time at his school or in research. He is an expert on magical weapons and their creation.

Stat block: (Male Kaardon L15 Wiz)

Magic Items
Bracers of Defense +6 armor
Boots of Silence
+3 Dagger - Casts Detect Magic at will
Ring - Cast Serten's Spell Immunity 3x/day
+2 Staff - Stores up to 10 spells of any level

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