(Judge of the Heavens, the Just Hand, the Law Keeper)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Crane
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - the Tower of Truth
Superior: None
Portfolio: Justice, Law, Nobility (Rule), Order, Truth
Alignment: LG
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, LE

Domains: Good, Inquisition, Knowledge, Law, Pact, Protection
Favored Weapon: Long sword
Major Houses of Worship: House of the Just Hand (Seynorea)
Militant Orders: Aldamarian Knights, Justicars

Avatar Appearance:

  • A elderly, but powerfully built man dressed in grey and white robes. His beard and hair are white and hang long and straight. He carries a golden crown in his right hand and the scales of justice in his left.
  • A floating, man-sized Scales of Justice
  • A giant glowing crane

History & Relationships: Aldamar is the nominal head of the Ythrak-Nyn and most other deities will defer to him. He often acts as the mediator in disputes between deities. He is served by Loric who often acts as his 'bailiff', though Aldamar does not often give him orders.

Aldamar was often the only 'beacon of order in a sea of chaos' during the upheaval of the Gods Fall Wars. It was he, along with assistance from Beroth, who brokered the 'Ythrak Paxyn' ('Exalted Peace') that ended the conflict.

He tries to maintain at least cordial relations with all of the other deities. He often clashes with Hastur over his methods. He is one of the main targets of Darkjoye's tricks and pranks. His relationship with Barrakis is strained at best. Vhokuun delights in antagonizing and ridiculing him, but never quite pushes him 'over the edge'. Though a direct confrontation between the Tyrant and the Law Keeper seems imminent.

Aldamar's dogma emphazises law and order over all. The rules that are in place are there for a reason, and must be upheld at all times.


  • Nobility is the just application of true law. Let not your eyes stray from this target, lest you become the usurping tyrant.
  • Truth is the only way to nobility. Speak no falsehood, and spare not those who wish to stray you from your path.
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