Aldamarian Knights

Established after Gods Fall to promote law and justice the Aldamarian Knights are a powerful force in many lands. The various chapterhouses work with local governments to help maintain law and order. The Aldamarians will work with 'evil/chaotic' governments, but will attempt to 'steer' them to a more lawful and ordered society. It is rare that a Aldamarian Knight will become a "adventurer" but it is not unheard of. The typical Knight spends their time on lengthy patrols of the lands near where their chapterhouse resides.

The Aldamarian Order is split into 3 distinct ranks; the Sword (Lvls 1-5), the Scale (Lvls 6-10), and the Crane (Lvls 11+). When an aspiring knight completes their training, a 15 year process beginning at age siz, they are inducted into the order as a Sword ranked knight. This consists of an elaborate ceremony conducted by both high-ranking church officials as well as high ranking knights. There are hymns sung, prayers given up to Aldamar and the issuing of an elaborate oath. At the conclusion of the ceremony the aspring knight(s) are presented with a white-gold signet ring (to be worn on the left hand), engraved with crossed swords, their name, and date of their induction. The order also presents them with a suit of platemail, a medium shield, a master work weapon of their choice, and a medium war-horse (or other appropriate mount) with scale barding. The platemail's breastplate is engraved with a stylized sword, hilt pointing toward the neck. The shield will be adorned with the same stylized sword as well as the knights personal coat-of-arms (if they have one).

At the approriate time and after extensive review by the order's governing body the knight will again go through an elaborate ceremony to inducted into the next rank, the Scale. This ceremony includes a detailed account of the knights past deeds. At the conclusion of this ceremony they will be presented with a second signet ring (to be worn on the right hand), engraved with the Scales of Justice, their name and their date of induction. They will also be given a heavy war-horse (or equivalent) with chain barding.

When a knights deeds and service are deemed suitable for induction into the next rank they will be summoned to the orders main chapterhouse for a third and final ceremony. Here their deeds will be accounted before a panel of the highest ranking church officials and if deemed worthy the induction will commence. At the end of the induction ceremony the knight(s) will be presented with a platinum chain and pendant engraved with the crane symbol of Aldamar. They will be fitted and presented with an ornate suit of plate armor as well as plate barding for their mount of choice. A newly inducted crane rank knight has the option to serve at a chapterhouse of their choice or may choose to try and establish a new chapterhouse. Both the order and the church of Ladamar will render financial assistance to those who wish to establish a new chapterhouse.

The Aldamarian Knights headquarters and main chapterhouse are located in the city of Seynorea attached to the House of the Just Hand.

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