(the Dragon King, the Dragonstar, the Great Wyrm, King of the Winds, the Sky King)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Stylized dragon head
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - The Great Lair
Superior: None
Portfolio: Dragons, Dragon-like species, Elemental Air, Flying Creatures, Treasure Hoards
Alignment: N

Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Air, Cavern, Dragon, Magic, Scalykind, Sky, Spell, Wealth
Favored Weapon: N/A
Major Houses of Worship: Lair of the Great Wyrm
Militant Orders: Warriors of the Wyrm, Order of the Drake

Avatar Appearance:

  • An ancient, huge dragon whose form shimmers through all of the various dragon species colors
  • A knight clad in scale armor that appears to be a molded from a dragon's body. The head becomes an ornate helmet and the tail and wings a cloak, carries a great sword.
  • A tall, winged man with bird-like features. Hair is golden-white and endlessly wind-blown, eyes are black.
  • A huge air elemental
  • A Roc

History & Relationships: Before the Gods Fall Wars Anagon was known as Aviar, deity of the Sky, Winds and Flying Creatures. He kept himself distant and aloof from his fellow deities, and was not well-liked.

During Gods Fall he remained largely in the background, assisting those he favored, hindering those he didn't. But rarely becoming directly involved. His non-involvement ended up becoming a boon as he "stumbled upon" the aftermath of a battle involving some of the draconic deities. The dragon-gods had won the battle but the price they paid had been terrible. Only three of them had survived the battle and they were soon to fade away. They beseeched Aviar to subsume their remaining essences and take on the mantle of the God of Dragons. At first Aviar was reluctant, but in time the dragon deities arguments won him over.

After taking on the draconic mantle, he decided to change his name to Anagon and take on new avatars that he believed were more fitting for his new followers.

Anagon has few friends or enemies among the other deities as his moods are as changeable as his shape. He cares little what the rest of the pantheon does as long as it has no negative affects on his worshippers.

His relations with Dyrge have become very tense in recent history due to the increase in the number of draco-liches that have begun to appear. A peaceable, though strained relationship exists between Anagon and Jackandys largely due to their differing views on how wealth should be distributed.

Among his dragon worshippers Anagon often takes on one of three distinct aspects; Bahamut - Good, Tiamat - Evil, Nargoth - Neutral.

Anagon does not teach as much by scripture as by example, and the lessons are quite simple: What wealth you can take belongs to you; and don't get involved in trouble that doesn't have to affect you.

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