(Lord of Murder, the Master of Violence, the Serpent King, the Serpentstar)


Divine Rank/Status: Intermediate Power
Symbol: Gray-Green or Black Cobra
Home Plane: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Venomspyre
Superior: None
Portfolio: Assassination, Murder, Poison, Serpent-kind, Violence, Violent Death
Alignment: NE

Cleric Alignments: Any evil
Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Hatred, Scalykind*, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Dagger or Short Sword
Major Houses of Worship: Fortress of Silent Death
Militant Orders: Saffron Serpents

Avatar Appearance:

  • A wiry, athletic man dressed in snake-skin armor. His hair is black and close-cropped, his eyes match those of a snake. He carries a short sword with a snake motif.
  • A giant gray-green or black Cobra
  • A giant pair of floating snakes eyes

History & Relationships: During Gods Fall, Barrakis worked primarily as a "free-agent", fighting for whomever offered him the best deal. He often worked both sides of a conflict just so he could enjoy the pain and death.

He is a violent entity, but is at times underestimated, he has a keen mind, and is good at manipulating others to do what he wants. He would like to take the portfolio of Lies from Darkjoye, but thus far the Mad Clown has proved to unpredictable and avoided all of the 'traps' Barrakis has devised. He hopes that Hastur's rages will force the pantheon to remove him and he can take his portfolios for himself.

Barrakis revels in all killing, pre-meditated assassinations or senseless, wholesale slaughter. This often puts him at odds with Aldamar, Yranna and Iridala. He is 'friendly' with Hastur, but often goads him into one of his infamous rages to enjoy the mindless brutality that the Raven Lord is capable of when out of control.

He will work with other evil deities if he feels that it is beneficial to him.

Barrakis teaches his followers that suffering and death is what people deserve - for not inflicting it on others enough. Kill or be killed is the main tenet among followers of Barrakis.


  • The knife you guided to its target with your mind is worth as much as the one you guided with your hand.
  • The life you do not take will only add to your own suffering.
  • They went to him and asked him, "Why did you order the town destroyed, every man, woman and child slaughtered, even the animals you did not spare? Why?" And he answered truthfully as he struck them down, "Better you than me." - The Slaughter at Merrymoore
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