(Bard of the Heavens, the Great Librarian, Keeper of Knowledge, the Learned One)


Divine Rank/Status: Intermediate Power
Symbol: Open Book
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Halls of Knowledge
Superior: None
Portfolio: Bards, Invention, Knowledge, Learning, Literature, Teaching
Alignment: N

Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Knowledge, Meditation, Mentalism, Mind, Rune, Travel
Favored Weapon: Staff
Major Houses of Worship: Library of Ard
Militant Orders: N/A

Avatar Appearance:

  • A portly, middle-aged woman with gray-streaked brown hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a plain, hooded brown robe with a rope-belt and sandals.
  • A large open book with light streaming from the pages
  • A handsome, but aging bard carrying a lute or guitar, dressed in outlandish, foppish clothing

History & Relationships: Beroth is often viewed as the 'school-marm' or the 'dusty, old biddy' of the pantheon, her office as patron of bards often overlooked. She actually prefers this misconception and subtly encourages it.

Long ago, before Gods Fall, Parnyx hatched a scheme to wrest away the Bard portfolio, but she was ultimately able to thwart him. This caused tangible tension between the two, though it has never gotten hostile. Slowly over time Beroth has begun to soften her stance toward the Songstar.

Beroth has kept her involvement in the Gods Fall Wars secret, there is no known record of her activities during that period. The reason behind this is unknown, she will give no reason as to why.

It was through the work of both her and Aldamar that the Ithrak Paxyn was brokered.

She and the Law Keeper are very close, and rumored to be linked romantically, though they both deny it. She also is friendly with Phoerryk and Thempys. She has no real enemies among the pantheon, only Darkjoye seems to have any issue with her.

Beroth values knowledge and the open exchange of learning. Her followers should always try to be both teachers and learners, spreading the word of Beroth as well as more mundane teachings. Books are meant to be read, and songs meant to be sung.


  • Shame on those that would call themselves teachers, but do not learn as much as they teach, for they are only with Beroth in half.
  • Drink the fountain of knowledge that your voice be heard; not for its volume, but because it rings true.
  • Peace is brought about with tender voiceings, and kept with merry ballads.
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