(the Ice Lord, Knight of Frost, Lord of the North Wind, the Snowstar)


Divine Rank/Status: Lesser Power
Symbol: Snowflake
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Frostspyre
Superior: None
Portfolio: Blizzards, Cold, Ice, Snow, Winter
Alignment: CE

Cleric Alignments: Any non-lawful
Domains: Air, Cold, Evil, Water, Weather, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Double-bladed Battle Axe
Major Houses of Worship: Tower of Frost
Militant Orders: Fists of the Snowstar

Avatar Appearance:

  • A middle-aged knight clad in frost rimmed plate mail, wearing a heavy fur cloak. Beard and hair are heavy, snow-covered, gray-streaked brown, his eyes an icy blue. Carries a huge double-bladed battle axe.
  • A swirling column of ice & snow
  • A giant winter-wolf

History & Relationships: Bhoryaal is one of the more abrasive deities in the pantheon, he doesn't care who likes or dislikes him. He isn't afraid of or intimidated by anyone or anything.

He has changed little since before Gods Fall, except perhaps to become more arrogant and abrasive. During Gods Fall he largely remained in the northern polar regions where his strength was greatest. He destroyed the god of the Frost Giants, only to later lose that portfolio to Chyronn. He has vowed to regain it but is biding his time, waiting for the proper time to strike.

Bhoryaal is a bit of a mercenary, and will sell his services and those of his followers if the price is right and he sees some gain in it. Due to his abrasive nature most of the rest of the pantheon will have little to do with him. Vhokuun has tried several times to dupe the Ice Lord into becoming subservient to him, but thus far he has failed.

Bhoryaal teaches the unrelenting force of the cold. His followers are as abrasive and uncaring of others as their lord; compassion is weakness, and the cold will consume the weak.


  • The blizzard cannot be held back, nor can the magnificent glacier; all that is cold is strong.
  • A heated mind is a weak one; cold will cannot be bent or broken.
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