Master of Blackwolf Tower

Blackwolf, master of Blackwolf Tower, appeared mysteriously in Khatovaar in approximately 2310 AG. He purchased a tower in the 'winter' quarter of the city and immediately began construction to wall off the grounds. After the wall construction was complete, creatures known only as Wolfen appeared within and on the walls. These creatures act as guards and perform various tasks for the master of the tower.

Blackwolf has been a boon to the community around him, using his magical skills to help the local residents and businesses. Several times he has dispatched small groups of Wolfen to break up fights or help a local resident beset by street toughs. While the motivation behind his actions is unclear, the results are undeniable, life in the 'winter' quarter within several blocks of his tower is among the best in the city.

Blackwolf has met privately with the overlord on several occasions, and has made every effort to show that he is no threat to the Overlord's rule. In fact Blackwolf does everything within his power to remove himself from anything remotely political in nature. He has publically stated that he is only interested in his research and improving the quality of life in Khatovaar. Despite this he, like many other influential citizens, are concerned with the Dark Market and its influence on the city.

Blackwolf is half Maydarin elf of indeterminate age and average build (5'9" 160 lbs), with salt and pepper hair and green-gold eyes. He typically dresses in robes of the deepest black, with black boots and a gold-trimmed black cloak. He carries a steel-shod staff of black wood with a snarling wolf head piece. When seen outside the grounds of his tower he is often accompanied by a large, black-furred wolf whose eye's sparkle with extraordinary intelligence, and/or by several of his Wolfen guards.

Stat block: Male Opakan-Maydarin Elf L18 Wiz (Conj)

Magic Items
Dagger +1/+2 -vs- Magic using/enchanted creatures
Bracers of Defense +7 Armor
+1 Ring of Protection
Wand of Conjuration
Wand of Magic Detection
+1 Quarter Staff

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