Borric Stormhammer

Borric is the Clan Chief of the StormHammer clan on Taramir. He is a gruff, sour-looking dwarf though capable of great burst/guffaws of laughter. He is a highly accomplished warrior and priest of Zur.

Though wary of the somwwhat tenuous relationship with the Taydarin elves, he trusts King Dalamar. But it is elves such as Kelaryn Fylastadryn that give him pause. Borric is a capable leader but would prefer to pass on his duties as Clan Chief to someone else. He stands 4'7" and has black hair, beard and eyes.

Borric frequently (1x/week) speaks with King Dalamar or Queen Sylvestria (in Dalamar's absence). Though he does not journey to Telperion, they communicate through a set of magical crystals. Borric despite his trust of the Elven king does not reveal everything regarding his people. He has kept secret the fact that the birthrate within the clan has increased significantly in recent years. At least 20 new dwarves have been born in the past 30 years.

The Taydarin Princess, Strana, has spent much time on Taramir, and Borric has developed a bit of a soft spot for the future ruler of Telperion.

Borric is never seen without armor of some sort, usually a suit of dwarven chainmail.

Stat block: (Male Stone Dwarf - L10 War/L10 Prst - Zur)

Magic Items:
+1 Dwarven Plate Armor
+1 Heavy Shield
Wrath of Zur - War hammer combining the powers of a Dwarven Thrower and a Holy Avenger (+10 dam. -vs- Goblinoids/Giants)

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