Brotherhood Of The Skull

General Info

The Brotherhood of the Skull is a knightly order dedicated to the Tyrant God, Vhokuun. Though an independent force within the church, they will at times work with other organizationjs such as the Madilim Kasam.

Advancement is achieved through either promotion by a panel of Brotherhood leaders or a challenge system. Challenges can be to the death, though more often they are not. The loser of a challenge may be drawn into subsequent challenges by other members. Obviously weakness is not something a member of the brotherhood wants to be known for. Brotherhood members will rarely back down from a fight, and only then if the numbers are overwhelming. They will bribe, threaten, manipulate, do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal(s).

The Brotherhood of the Skull has an intense, fierce rivalry with Order of the Golden Lion (Valan) and Wardens of the White Lady (Iridala). The animosity is so intense that they will usually attack one another on sight.

The headquarters of the brotherhood is located in Dark Skull Tower, a fortified keep located approximately 10 miles southwest of the Black Citadel.

The Brotherhood is divided into three distinct factions; the Reavers, Dark Thunder, the Krelge.

The Reavers

The Reavers are the largest faction in the brotherhood and the most well known. They can be identified by the crossed swords and skull badges they wear. The Reavers are largely an independent bunch, and most if not all of them each have their own hidden agenda.

Dark Thunder

Dark Thunder are cavalry specialists nearly without peer. Though all members of brotherhood are skilled in mounted combat, the members of Dark Thunder excel at it. Most if not all have specialty mounts. Many of them ride specially bred armored rhinos. An all-out charge by this group, numbering nearly 200, has been known to break entire legions. Members of this faction are identified by their crossed lance and skull badges.

The Krelge

The Krelge (origin of this word is uncertain) are comprised of the non-human or demi-human members of the brotherhood not belonging specifically in one of the other factions. This is the smallest of the three factions, but in some instances they are also the most potent. The Krelge has members of many species, most notably Minotaur, Hob-Goblin and Fire Giant. The Krelge are identified by the crossed axes and skull badges they wear.

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