Carcosan Archipelago


The Carcosan Archipelago lies approximately 150 miles of the southeastern coast of what was once the continent of Istria. It is a chain of nine islands, and numerous tiny islets. These islands were largely uninhabited after the devastation of the Gods Fall Wars. In 1660 AG when the Kaardon, fleeing the rebellion against Carnax the Destroyer, settled these islands and began the creation of a homeland they could call their own.


As noted above nine major islands, Carcosa, Candella, Sarandor, Forsay, the Isle of tears, and the Four Sisters (Meldra, Anedra, Delphinia, Lyrath) make up the bulk of the archipelago. Hundreds of tiny islets, some large enough to hold several small homesteads and others no more than a few paces across comprise the rest.


The weather around the islands is very warm and wet. Tropical storms are a problem but the Kaardon have learned to deal with them. Average daily temperatures range from the low 50's in mid-winter, to the high 90's during the summer months. Rainfall can average as much as 400 inches per year, with nearly half falling during the winter months.

Notable Personages:

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See the Kaardon entry under Races for more information. Small populations of humans, dwarves and halflings make their homes in the larger cities. Other smaller groups of various races can also be found.

Defenders of the Realm:

Being a militant people the Kaardon place great importance on the military / martial arts. They are considered by many to be the finest natural soldiers in the world. The imperial armed forces, especially the army, is quite large. Many Kaardon, not wanting to serve the empire, create and/or serve in mercenary outfits that find employment across Ghoraja Juun.

*Notable Places:*

Since these islands were uninhabited before the Kaardon's arrival there are few (if any) old ruins, buildings, monuments.

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