Celebrand Rillimath

High Druid of Telperion

Celebrand is a quiet, unassuming elf who rarely leaves the forest. He spends much of his time in prayer and contemplation with his deity. But, should the Beloved Home be threatened he becomes a powerful force in its defense.

He is young (350 years old) for a druid of such power, and his appearance is unique due to his mixed elven heritage. He has long golden-brown hair, green eyes, and the brownish-green tint to his skin common to Syndarin elves. His body is covered in intricate patterns of body paint and several tatoos.

Celebrand normally dresses in a brown and green kilt and vest, and carries an enchanted staff (see below) of gilden wood given to him by the ancient ent Silverbranch. He is often accompanied by a great silver-furred dire wolf named Jyralth.

Stat block: (Male Taydarin Elf - L20 Druid - Hurdaan)

Magic Items:
Rilyth Ny'lorin (Heart of the Wood) - +3 Staff Spear acts as Staff of the Woodlands, Free Action

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