Colonel Pelazi Dessai

Commander of the 'Black Scorpions'

Colonel Dessai has risen through the ranks of the Black Scorpions on his own merit to become the Overlord's right hand. A mix of nordheim and braydish descent, he bears the tri-colored scars of the Sundalo, a small Falkyran cult dedicated to martial perfection. He has integrated some of the non-secretive training methods of the Sundalo into the standard training regimen of the Black Scorpions, and has molded the Black Scorpions into one of the finest fighting forces on Ghoraja Juun.

Because of his heritage Colonel Dessai is a tall, wiry man (6'4" 210 lbs.) who keeps his long honey-colored hair tied back from his face with a simple black leather band. He typically dresses in black leather armor worn beneath loose black robes. He is a quiet leader, speaking only when absolutely necessary. He is a stickler for discipline, and though his punishments are harsh, they are always meted out fairly. He is a veritable walking arsenal, typically carrying several swords and numerous throwing knives secreted about his person. He is never without his badge of office, a 7' spear whose blackened steel blade is formed in the shape of a scorpion.

Stat block: (Male Opakan-Braydish L11 Fighter)

Magic Items
+4 Leather Armor
+3 Saber
+2 Saber of Speed
+2 Spear
Boots of Silence
Ring of Spell Storing (Teleport No Error, Improved Invisibility, Improved Strength)
+1 Spear of Illumination (as wand)

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