(the Dark Jester, Lord of Lies, the Mad Clown, the Mad God)


Divine Rank/Status: Lesser Power
Symbol: Evil Jester Mask
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Tower of Madness
Superior: None
Portfolio: Deception, Lies, Madness, Misfortune, Scheming, Trickery
Alignment: CE

Cleric Alignments: CN, CE
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Illusion, Joy (reversed where applicable), Luck, Madness, Transformation, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Dagger or Knife
Major Houses of Worship: the Trickster's Tower
Militant Orders: N/A

Avatar Appearance:

  • A jester clad in black, gold and blood-red wearing a evil mask
  • A cloud of red gas from which issues forth hysterical laughter
  • A swirling cloud of daggers

History & Relationships: Picture the Joker from the Batman comics (though not in appearance) without the overwhelming homicidal tendencies, and you have the Dark Jester.

Darkjoye pretty much does what he wants, when he wants, and damn the repercussions. This leads many to believe he is silly, impulsive or even stupid. But while his methods are chaotic at best there is always a hint of a method to his madness.

During Gods Fall he survived largely because of his unpredictability, changing sides at the most opportune times, reaping the benefits and later denying any duplicity. Hastur several times fell victim to the Mad Clown's defections and it is a source of serious contention, at least on Hastur's part. Darkjoye has long since forgotten the incidents.

He makes little effort to maintain relationships with any of his fellow deities, though he and Syth are at least cordial (and at one time rumored to be lovers). He takes particular pleasure in pulling tricks and pranks on what he calls the 'Old Fogey's Club' (Aldamar, Beroth, Phoerryk and Thempys), though he is careful not to get Thempys to angry or excited.

Several times Barrakis has tried to wrest the Lies portfolio from him, but thus far the Dark Jester has thwarted him.

Darkjoye instills madness in his followers; a madness that can take many forms, but all have the disregard for consequences in common. Having a flexible set of values allows you to move freely among those of greater power - in a sense, flexibility is power.


  • Make a plan, a scheme, by all means, but never expect to reach your goal by following it to the end. The only straight path you'll find in life leads to the Dark Jester. // - Serinon Blackfoot, mad priest of Darkjoye//
  • Be flexible as a dagger blade in mind, body, tongue and will. The blade that bends is harder to break and will more easily find its target.
  • In misfortune, there is always opportunity.
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