Dowager Empress Varinna Vanuraak

Varinna has held the Iron Throne since the death of her husband, Jagang, several years ago. Though an able ruler, she holds the throne only until her son Nadrak reaches the Age of Ascension (16 - he is currently 14) and can assume the throne.

Varinna is a talented bard and has a natural affinity for musical instruments. She has mastered numerous instruments (flute, harp, lyre), and once Nadrak takes the throne she intends to devote herself to her bardic studies.

She is quite beautiful for a Kaardonese woman, though her health has suffered a bit since the birth of her daughter Narissa six years past. Her hair is long, black, and strait. Tied back in the traditional Kaardonese ponytail, her eyes are sky blue. Varinna has dressed in white, the traditional Kaardonese mourning color, since the death of her husband. She will continue this practice until her son takes the throne.

She is loved by the common people, but much of the nobility, especially those in the military, feel she has allowed the empire to grow soft. They look forward to the day when Nadrak ascends to the Iron Throne.

Stat block: (Female Kaardon L3 Bard)

Magic Items
Circlet of Defense +4 armor
+3 Ring of Protection
+2 Dagger
Wand of Magic Missles

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