(the Darkstar, the Heart of Darkness, the Lich Lord, the Lord of Bones)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Silvery-Grey Skull
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Tower of Skulls
Superior: None
Portfolio: Evil, Darkness, Forgetfulness, Intelligent Undead, Loss, Necromancy, Undeath
Alignment: Neutral Evil (NE)

Cleric Alignments: Any evil
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Magic, Mysticism (Evil), Necromancy, Undead, Undeath
Favored Weapon: Scepter (as mace)
Major Houses of Worship: the Necropolis
Militant Orders: the Silver Skulls

Avatar Appearance:

  • A cadaverous, skeletal man clad in dusky, black robes carrying an ornate bone rod.
  • A smoking circle of darkness
  • A huge floating silvery-grey skull

History & Relationships: If there is an embodiment of evil within the Ythrak-Nyn it is Dyrge. Much of the ill that befalls Ghoraja Juun is laid at his feet, whether he is responsible or not. This causes friction between him and Vhokuun (who considers himself the ultimate evil schemer), but Dyrge just doesn't care. He does what he wants, but never without careful planning and much forethought.

It is rumored that Dyrge was the instigator of events that eventually led to the advent of the Gods Fall Wars. He neither confirms nor denies being responsible.

Before Gods Fall Dyrge was content in hatching various schemes to bring Ghoraja Juun under his control and in the continuing proliferation of all types of undead.

During the course of Gods Fall the Lich Lord was able to systematically rid Ghoraja Juun of any and all other deities related to the undead. In short order he became the master of undeath across the planet. What he had not counted on was Kalkin's metamorphosis. The Tomb Lord's new concentration on the dispensation of souls put a serious damper on some of Dyrge's more complex and long-running plans.

Since the end of Gods Fall Dyrge and Kalkin have been at odds numerous times. Thus far they have remained civil, but with an extremely hostile overtone.

There is an intense hatred between Rhadyn and Dyrge as they are opposites in many ways. His relations with Anagon have deteriorated in recent history due to the increase in the number of draco-liches.

Dogma: TBD

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