Elvaandor is the recognized homeland of the Maydarin elves. There are several other large Maydarin settlements across Ghoraja Juun (Cirdan, Kalmir, Menelnar, Heartshill), but Elvaandor is where the High Council lives and rules from.


Elvaandor lies approximately 50 miles of of the southern coast of Seynorea. The island is largely covered with lush forests and rolling hills. Like Telperion (homeland of the Taydarin elves), nearly every variety of non-tropical plant can be found growing here. Compared to Telperion, Elvaandor has much more open terrain. Much of the shoreline is covered in beaches of fine white sand. The forests of Elvaandor teem with wildlife and the seas around the island support an abundance of aquatic life.On the eastern coast of the island is a deep bay. The port town of Cyranis sits upon the bay's north shore.


Elvaandor enjoys beautiful weather nearly year round. However, during winter the island is often battered by powerful storms. Because of the influence of elven High Magic even the affect of these storms is somewhat minimized.

Notable Personages:

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Though Elvaandor is recognized as the homeland of the Maydarin elves, it is lightly populated. There are approximately 25,000 elves living on the island. Of these nearly 3,000 live in Cyranis and most of the remainder in Elvaandor City. The non-elven population is approximately 2,500 living in and around Cyranis.

  • Maydarin Elves (see entry under Races)
  • Other Elven Sub-races - Small populations of Taydarin (primarily in Cyranis or Elvaandor City), Syndarin (deep in the forests), and Naydarin (Cyranis only) are present.
  • Sylvan Races - Elvaandor has small populations of nearly all of the faery and sylvan races (pixes, centaurs, sprites, etc.). A single unicorn stallion is said to be the guardian of the wild lands, but few outside the elves have ever seen it.
  • Humans and other Demi-Humans - As stated above all non-elven inhabitants of Elvaandor live in and around Cyranis. All of the major races can be found here, humans being the most prevalent followed by Halflings, Kaardon, Dagaat, and Dwarves.
  • Dragon(s) - At least one male, adult Diamond dragon (Muinnellim or Starshine) makes its home on Elvaandor. The Maydarins do not speak openly of him. But it is of popular belief that the dragon is on friendly terms with the High Council. Rumors abound that the dragon can be seen soaring above the island when Tomival is large and bright in the sky.

Defenders of the Realm:

Though Elvaandor is much more open toward the rest of Ghoraja Juun, the safety of their homeland is taken very seriously. The Maydarins will go to nearly any lengths to make sure their homeland is safe and secure.

Notable Places:

Elvaandor is home to numerous interesting locales, from beautiful elven cities, to ancient ruins to awe inspiring natural vistas.

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