Emperor Neltran Corryno III

Neltran is the second son of the last emperor, Soren IV, who abdicated his throne in order to spend time with his ailing wife. Neltran's older brother, Justin, was to assume the throne in place of their father but was killed in a orcish ambush while hunting. Neltran had few aspirations toward the throne, he was content to spend his days managing some of the family's businesses and hunting. Now that the mantle of rule has been thrust onto him he has undergone some significant changes.

Neltran seems to bear the responsibility of ruling the empire with relative ease, where once he was lackadaisical and carefree about most things, he now makes concise, informed decisions, still fully weighing his options and any opinions given. He has a knack for dealing with bureaucrats and is an able administrator. He tries to stay as far above the political in-fighting as his position allows, unless the Corryno family is directly involved. Even then, he curries no great favor toward his own house.

Neltran is an accomplished warrior, but has little skill in leading men. He has chosen his advisors and ministers with great care, risking alienating long-term allies. For example, although Houses Corryno and Blacktower are bitter rivals Neltran fully realizes that Sanveras Blacktower is the best general in the empire and the most qualified to lead the Imperial Legions.

He greatly cherishes his wife and sons but is immensely disappointed by his son prince Montgomery, who he deems childish and immature. Neltran is approaching middle-age (43) and is of average height and build (5'10", 175 lbs) with hazel eyes and salt-and-pepper beard and hair.

Stat block: (L6 Ftr)

Magic Items
+2 Ring of Protection
+2 Long sword
+3 Silver Necklace of Armor
+2 Plate Armor
+1 Medium Shield

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