Empire Of Seynorea


The Seynorean Empire is the largest single political entity on Ghoraja Juun. It encompasses all of what is left of the central portion of the former continent of Ashtalarea. The center of imperial power is located in the capitol city Seynorea.

Seynorea, once known as Vicaard, was the capitol of the continent-spanning empire once ruled by Carnax the Terrible. An alien entity that once dominated much of Ghoraja Juun. After Carnax's defeat, an imperial legate, Baron Kristoph Seynor, managed to seize control of the core of what was left of Carnax's empire. He renamed the capitol city and thus was the Seynorean Empire born.

Other major cities (Videssos, Karnak, Peridia, Y'Gora, Vhalzein, Rovac), are ruled by Imperial Governors, smaller towns and large villages by Imperial Legates, Mayors or village elders. Each of these leaders report up to the next highest ranking official based on geographic location.

Ex. Village Elder reports to Mayor, Mayor to Legate, Legate to Governor, Governor to Minister of State - an official appointed by the Emperor.

Government & Economics:

The empire is nearly self-sufficient. It contains vast quantities of natural resources and exports both raw materials of all kinds as well as finished goods. Imports are sparse, consisting largely of luxury and specialty items. Despite its large size and penchant for political in-fighting by the noble families the Empire's government is fairly efficient. Obviously a level of corruption exists, but it seems to have little affect on the day-to-day operations. The various governmental bodies are policed by the Imperial Intelligence Agency, which in turn is policed by a panel of nobles.

Noble Families:

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the empire is the constant political maneuvering done by the various noble families. The constant back-stabbing, assassinations, and semi-private wars have been a favorite topic of discussion by scholars for several hundred years. There are 56 major noble families involved in the intrigues of the Emerald Throne court. Each is constantly trying to gain an upper-hand/advantage in a bid to gain control of various parts of the government, the throne itself, or directly influence who sits on it. Undeclared 'House Wars' occur constantly, often with the losing side begging for imperial intervention or protection. Alliances can change daily, with changes being based on anything from a grave insult to a simple courtesy. Each noble house maintains its own private troops, often supplemented by mercenaries. The Imperial Legions are forbidden from entering into any 'House War' unless portions of the government or the Imperial compound itself is under attack. Below is a list of the major noble families and their house crests.

Notable Personages:

See Personalities page


The Seynorean Empire is home to peoples of all races. While predominantly human, the largest non-human populations are of Halflings and Kaardon. The Dagaat and Elf populations are the lowest with Dwarves falling somewhere in the middle.

Two large Dwarven clan-holds, Ag-Karak (Stone) and Ag-Zurak (Iron), fall within the borders of the empire, but these remain independent and do not answer to the Emerald Throne. Trade pacts have been forged between the empire and these clan-holds, and relations remain friendly though strained at times. Dwarves found outside these clan-holds are usually from smaller, independent clans or outcasts.

Several of the larger forests are home to clans of Syndarin elves, who generally avoid contact and fiercely defend their homes. Maydarin elves are generally found employed as merchants, sailors, adventurers or scholars. Naydarin elves, though few, may be involved in anything. Taydarin elves are extremely rare and those few that visit the empire will be ambassadors, powerful merchants or adventurers.

Halflings in the empire can be found in all manners of employment. They are the most-accepted of the non-human races and some hold influential positions within the government. Many inns, taverns, etc. have areas that are specifically catered to Halflings (appropriate sized furniture, etc.)

Kaardon found with in the empire are generally employed as mercenaries, sailors or adventurers. Small numbers of Kaardonese merchants visit the empires though much of their dealings are handled by hired factors.

The Dagaat population is almost exclusively found in the cities, generally in the poorer areas. Most are either independent or guild-based thieves, though some are employed by the cities to clean sewers, hunt vermin, etc. Jobs generally disdained by the majority of the population.

A small percentage of the population is made up of various humanoids and half-breeds; Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Hob-goblins, Orcs and even a rare ogre may be found.

Defenders of the Empire:

For a nation of its size Seynorea, except for its navy, has a relatively small military. Most of the noble houses either employ mercenaries or have dedicated house troops. The Imperial Legions, though small numerically, are highly-trained and well-equipped. In times of war they are often supplemented with mercenaries or with troops from the nobles houses. The Emerald Guard, which are stationed in the two imperial compounds, are among the finest soldiers in the world and undergo 18 months of intense, rigorous training. They undergo additional training three times per year with each training session lasting up to one month. While the Imperial Navy, doesn't quite match the standards of the legions, what it lacks in quality is more than made up for in sheer numbers. The Imperial Seynorean Navy outnumbers the navy of any other nation or city-state by at least a two-to-one margin.

Notable Places:

Listed are the major cities of the empire as well as some other interesting locations. There are many other smaller towns, villages, and hamlets scattered across the empire. Only the high-points and important structures will be discussed here.

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