Empress Alyssa Albaren-Corryno

Alyssa is the youngest daughter of Braxis Albaren, patriarch of House Albaren. Though her marriage to Neltran was arranged as part of a political pact between the two houses, she and Neltran have come to love each other deeply. Alyssa stays in the background for the most part, giving Neltran her full support. Though if she feels the need she is more than willing to voice her opinion. She dislikes the pettiness of the Emerald Throne court and has little tolerance for of the behind-the-back whispering that goes on. She has few, if any, true friends among the other women of the court. She spends money carefully, and only when truly needed. In fact, much much of her royal allowance has been wisely invested and should the Corryno family somehow suffer financial ruin she and her children would remain financially sound. She cares deeply for both of her children, and like Neltran is greatly disappointed in Montgomery.

Alyssa is a woman of considerable beauty, which is only just beginning to fade with age (41). She is tall and slight-of-build (5'9" 110 lbs) with emerald green eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, something her father insisted on, and is capable of defending herself if needed. She is fond of horses and rides whenever possible. She has been known to accompany her husband on hunts, depending on the quarry.

Stat block: (L3 Ftr)

Magic Items
Bracelets of Defense AC 2
Ring - Prot. from Normal Missiles
+2 Dagger

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