Dragons - Unlike many other worlds the dragons of Ghoraja Juun are not a group of similar species, they are a single species. Through some as yet undetermined process a dragons color/appearance is determined during the incubation/gestation period and is not influenced by the color/appearance of either parent. Thus a pair of red dragons may give birth to a silver, steel or even black dragon. Color/appearance also has no bearing on the dragons general disposition/alignment. Metallic dragons are not generally good and chromatic dragons generally evil, each dragon is unique.

Neksuta - Desert dwelling humanoids, distantly related to orcs. They usually dress in tan, sand colored robes and where hideous masks to scare off intruders. The defend their homes with a savagery that defies their usually peaceful nature. They worship Rhadyn whom the call Rhu-gak, the Flame King.

Wolfen - Bi-pedal lupine creatures magically created by the wizard Blackwolf to guard his compound in Khaatovar. They are extremely intelligent, fearless in battle, but yet they have a surprising compassion for non-combatants. They speak their own language, a series of barks, yips, whines, growls, etc. but understand common. They also seem to have some sort of empathy with other canine creatures.

Sea Giants - The Sea Giants of Ravenor are a good-natured people. they spend much of their time sailing the seas of Ghoraja Juun in their great ships. Though preferring not to deal with humans or demi-humans, they will on rare occasions visit the cities of other races.

Sea Giants are a happy people, taking great joy in their simple but fulfilling lives. It takes much to alter their mood, and even more to anger them, and an angry Sea Giant is a terrible sight to behold.
They dress in simple, but sturdy clothing dyed in a wide variety of colors. They are little jewelry or ornamentation, other than those which mark or signify their status as an elder, chief, ship's captain or war chief. They are masters of stone craft, rivaling and perhaps even surpassing the Stone Dwarves. They take great pride in their craftwork and utilize the natural shape of the rock they are working as much as possible. Sea Giant sculpture is highly sought after by other races. They are fond of poetry, especially adventurous epics. These literary pieces are of considerable length, and often take hours to recite. Sea Giant music is generally upbeat and typically played with horns and drums, though flutes or guitars/lutes are sometimes used. Most artwork has a sea-faring motif with sea creatures, ships, and various islands being most prevalent.

Sea Giants venerate several members of the Ithrak-Nyn. Droghaan has the greatest following, with Tomival and Zamora worshipped to a lesser degree. Their religious ceremonies are much the same as day-to-day life, simple and full of joy.

Sea Giants have a strength roughly equivalent to that of a Cloud Giant, and they are immune to fire (both mundane and magical). Adult Sea Giants have the ability to cast Stone Shape (1x/day), and Transmute Rock to Mud (or reverse) (1x/week).

They are generally on friendly terms with Reef Giants and Eridarin (Aquatic) Elves as well as other good-aligned aquatic races.

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