Dragon's Teeth - This heavy vine-like plant is covered in 2" long thorns, and is found primarily in the Jungle of Thorns. The natives of the jungle use the thorns in their blow-guns, the thorns are thin enough to penetrate all but the finest made chain mail.

Firethorn - A tree-like shrub that grows 4-6' in height. It is covered with tiny, bright red thorns. The thorns are coated with a mild toxin which causes sever rashes in most humans, demi-humans and humanoids.

Gilden - A tree related to the oak, its inner wood is a deep gold in color and highly prized for furniture and other items. It is native to the island of Telperion.

Malen - A rare offshoot of the maple tree found only in the Goldenwood. It has a smooth, dark gold colored bark and yellow-gold leaves that reflect sunlight to some extent. The wood of the malen is highly sought after for the crafting of bows and arrows.

Paleorn - A variety of the cypress tree with pale, white bark.

Recoton - This tree can only be found in the Selkwood Forest, growing around a small lake. The bark is a golden-yellow in color and the leaves are a oval shaped, translucent green. The sap from these trees can be distilled into a potent, yet superb tasting drink known as Fire Nectar. Only the reclusive Syndarin elves know the secret of distilling the sap. It is believed that are rare combination of minerals in the soil around and in the lake water enable the recoton to grow. Attempts to grow the tree elsewhere have yet to meet with any success.

Snowblossom - A relative of the birch tree, the snow blossom is known for its intense white bark, and white, puffy, flower shaped leaves. The leaves can be boiled down and the resulting liquid made into a light, but pleasant smelling perfume.

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