General Molak Kang

Imperial Army Commander & Imperial War College Grandmaster

General Kang is the prototypical Kaardon, he is tall (6'3"), muscular and stocky (260 lbs), he has gray-green eyes, and a love of battle. Beginning as a lowly pikeman, he has risen through the ranks to become the Imperial Army's youngest (35) and post powerful leader. He is an excellent strategist and a master tactician. His men have complete faith in him, and trust in him to find a way to win in even the direst of situations.

He was emperor Jagang's most trusted aide, and has the empress' trust as well. He has a heated, yet respectful rivalry with Admiral Rykurn over which branch of the Imperial military is better.

General Kang is the Master of the Imperial War College, and a favorite instructor of many of the cadets. He and Priest-General Jurant have a mutual respect for one another.

Stat block: (Male Kaardon L12 Ftr)

Magic Items
+2 Plate Armor
+3 Footman's Mace - Shatters non-magical metal on a 'to hit' roll of 17 or better

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