The information gathered in these pages has been painstakingly researched by the brothers and sisters of Beroth at the Library of Ard. It is our belief that this is the most complete and accurate set of information available on Ghoraja Juun and its inhabitants.
- Stanwin Waterholme, Sagemaster of Beroth and Chief Librarian at Ard.
Latest News/Updates:
08-09/2009: General clean-up of text, changed Illuvatar to Phoerryk to avoid any Tolkien references, changes to cosmology
06-07/2009: Working with Alfarique to expand out the dogma sections of the pantheon.
08/03-08/12/08: Haven't gotten much done lately, uploaded some maps of cities (Arvaandor, Raedis, Ag-Zurak)
07/21-08/02/08: Some additional content added and base level discussion board created.
07/01-07/21/08 : Migration from old website to Wikidot - complete, more content to be added soon.

A note from the General about this site:
Over the years I have partially developed several campaign settings for my own use. Some never progressed beyond the idea stage, others partially filled small 3 ring binders. There is a lot of content here from my previous attempts, and a lot of inspiration from books I've read (Tolkien, G.R.R. Martin. Glen Cook ,etc.) as well as published campaign settings such as the Forgotten RealmsTM. This setting is geared largely toward D&D (no particular edition, though I've had to lean heavily on 3E for some information) and hopefully it will be kept general enough for anyone to use with any system with some modifications.

This is by no means a complete campaign setting. I have some basic ideas on certain things, but I would like the large gaming community that exists out there to help me 'flesh out' this world. Any serious response/submission will be considered, those that are accepted will be integrated into these pages and the originator will receive full credit for their idea here.

So I hope you enjoy what I have come up with so far, I will continue to add to and grow this as often as possible. If you'd like to contribute to the development of the setting feel free to leave a message in the Forums with any ideas you may have. I will attempt to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully we can make this a setting for all to enjoy.

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