(the Dove Queen, Lady of Love, the White Lady)


Divine Rank/Status: Intermediate Power
Symbol: Dove
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Hearthome
Superior: None
Portfolio: Beauty, Birth, Family, Fertility, Healing, Home, Love
Alignment: LG

Cleric Alignments: Any non-evil
Domains: Creation, Family, Good, Healing, Hope*, Protection, Renewal
Favored Weapon: N/A
Major Houses of Worship: The White Hearth (Videssos)
Militant Orders: Wardens of the White Lady

Avatar Appearance:

  • A beautiful, young woman with waist-length wavy blonde hair and eyes of the deepest blue. Dressed in a simple, but elegant white gown and wears a garland of flowers woven through her hair.
  • A flock of white doves

History & Relationships: Iridala is probably the most pacifistic deity of the Ythrak Nyn. She avoids confrontation whenever possible and prefers to 'encourage' others to fight her battles for her.

She is romantically pursued by several of her peers (Ghart, Parnyx, Valan, Vhokuun) though her true romantic interest lies in Loric. Who though interested, is much to caught up in his duties to indulge in what he views as 'frivolous romantic escapades'. Iridala finds Chyronn revolting, Darkjoye 'demented and insane', and Syth 'a sneaky, little witch'. However her only true hatred is reserved for Tykhoor whom she battled long and hard during the Gods Fall Wars.

Dogma: TBD

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