(Judge of the Dead, Lord Death, the Tomb Lord)


Divine Rank/Status: Greater Power
Symbol: Ankh/Warhammer
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Tombspyre (Halls of the Dead)
Superior: None
Portfolio: Death, the Dead, Proper Burial, Tombs
Alignment: LN

Cleric Alignments: Any non-chaotic
Domains: Death, Deathless, Exorcism, Law, Protection, Repose, Spirit
Favored Weapon: War Hammer (Ankh)
Major Houses of Worship: Hall of Tombs
Militant Orders: Society of the Ankh

Avatar Appearance:

  • A cloaked, hooded warrior in gray plate armor carrying an ankh-like war hammer in his left hand and an urn in his right.
  • A giant mist-shrouded war hammer
  • A giant ankh

History & Relationships: Kalkin is one of the oldest 'deities' on Ghoraja Juun, only Aldamar and Thempys are older. Before the Gods Fall Wars he was very nearly a different deity. At that time he was the God of Life and Death as well as Light, Peace and Good and a much more martial entity. He and his priesthood strove mightily against the various forces of evil. But during the course of those terrible conflicts he became disenchanted with fighting and grew more and more concerned with the disposition of the souls of all those who died, not only in the battles of the Gods Fall Wars, but those who passed in more mundane ways as well. He grew angry with the darker powers who plundered various graveyards, tombs, etc. to bolster there forces. So in time he elevated one of his High Priestesses (Yranna) to deity status and granted her some of his portfolios (Life, Light, Peace & Good), then he inherited or took others (the Dead, Burial, Tombs). He taught his clergy improved ways of combating the undead and guiding other restless souls to a peaceful afterlife.

His stance on the undead is clear, they are an aberration and should be destroyed whenever possible, and here is where his former martial tendencies reassert themselves. He commands his clergy to seek out and destroy any undead where possible, regardless of alignment. This often puts him at odds with Dyrge, and they have thus far remained civil, but with an extremely hostile overtone. He has at times come to contention with various other deities, usually over the dispensation of the souls of the dead.

Kalkin is often thought of as aloof by his fellow deities, but this is not the case. He simply cares for little else but seeing that the souls of the dead reach their proper place in the outer planes.

*Dogma:* TBD

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