Head of the 'Dark Market'

Katassah was banished to Ghoraja Juun by her Balor superior for insolence. Though she has vowed revenge for her banishment she has established quite a comfortable niche for herself as head of the Dark Market. She is paid tribute by all those who have businesses in the market itself, as well as those elements that operate in the city above. The 'business arrangement' she has with the Overlord keeps the Black Scorpions 'out of her hair'.

Katassah has quite a temper, and little or no patience for mistakes or stupidity. She has been known to kill at the slightest insult, but at the same time reward loyalty or a job well done. These rewards can be quite lavish, or can be as simple as sparing someone's life. Ultimately Katassah plans to rid herself of the Overlord and rule Khatovaar. She is biding her time and building her strength, forging alliances with various groups who would see the Overlord removed from power.

Stat block: (Marilith)

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