Khaldhar Starmantle

Khaldhar, Starlord Celestial of the Citadel of Stars, is the ranking priest of Tomival in this part of Ghoraja Juun. He plays a significant role in the politics of Khatovaar as the Overlord often seeks his council. Khaldhar attempts to steer the Overlord in what he deems is the prooer direction, though this often have the desired affect as the Overlord is extremely strong-willed and at times stubborn. Khaldhar spends as much time outside beneath the stars as his duties will allow. Communing with his god, seeking guidance and wisdom. As with much of the clergy in Khatovaar, he has a growing concern with the increasing influence of Katassah and the Dark Market, and is quietly urging his colleagues to begin making preparations to rid the city of her influence.

Khaldhar is a middle-aged man of average height and a sturdy build (5'10" 200 lbs). His hair is brown, with a touch of grey at the temples, his eyes are dark blue of the sky at dusk. He generally dresses in loose robes of black and silver. Many rumor's have him romantically linked with Shadoan Cloudreader, and he does nothing to deny them. In his younger days, Khaldhar was quite the adventurer and still maintains an active lifestyle. he will on occasion, leave the temple on some unknown mission.

Stat block: (Male Vilyani L16 Prst - Tomival)

Magic Items
+3 Chainmail of Silence
+2 Footman's Mace
Robe of Stars
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Shooting Stars

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