King Dalamar Shiyalandriel

Dalamar did a significant amount of adventuring in his youth, much to his parents dismay. It is largely due to this that he has what some of his detractors would call a 'cosmopolitan' attitude toward the outside world compared to most other Taydarins. Most likely it was this exposure to other cultures and races that led him to suggest the pact with the dwarves of Clan StormHammer on Taramir. He would like to see they Taydarin people open up relations with the rest of Ghoraja Juun, but due to his respect for his advisors and Taydarin tradition he does not press the matter heavily.

At 435, Dalamar is very young for an elven monarch, but he is an excellent administrator and rules his people with an even hand. His decisions are rarely rushed or rash and he listens carefully to the queen and his other advisors.

The king stands 6'2" tall, wears his blonde hair shoulder length and has eyes of a brilliant green. He typically dresses in blue and white clothes of the finest cut embroidered with intricate knot work patterns. He is never seen without the Taydrialys (Crown of the Sea), a mithril circlet inlaid with gold filigree and three pearls (2 black, 1 white). Dalamar rides Kabayo into battle, and together the two make a formidable force.

Stat block: (Male Taydarin Elf - L13 War/L13 Wiz [War Wizard])

Magic Items:
Taydrialys - +3 Protection, Protection from Normal Missiles, Water Breathing, 25% Magic Resistance
+3 Elven Plate Armor
Long Sword +2/+3 -vs- Evil Creatures

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