Lady Beldrin Occuda

Imperial Minister of Intelligence

Lady Beldrin, known as "The Spider" (a moniker she has taken a liking to), is among the most dangerous people in the empire. She has led the Imperial Intelligence Agency for more than 30 years, and her network of spies covers nearly all the known areas of Ghoraja Juun. Beldrin has separated herself from much of her family's affairs, but is more than willing to pass on any 'rumors' she hears. The Spider has accumulated enough dirt on nearly every important noble in the empire that if she so chose, she could bring them all down. Instead she picks and chooses her spots, waiting for the most opportune moment. Usually this occurs when she either needs something or her chosen 'victim' is vulnerable.

Beldrin's first concern is herself, then the empire, and finally her family. She has amassed a considerable fortune separate from her family's holdings. Much of her time is spent in her offices in the highest levels of the Impertarium, known to the general population as "The Spider's Web", or in court subtly picking up odd tidbits of information.

Beldrin is an aging woman (67) of average appearance. Her once fiery, shoulder-length hair has mostly faded to grey, though her eyes are still a sparkling green. She is by no means an imposing figure, an appears somewhat frail (5'2" 100 lbs). This frail appearance hides a shrewd and calculating mind. She is an accomplished illusionist and many of her best agents are trained by her in the magic arts.

Beldrin generally dresses in floor length gowns of the deepest black and soft shoes. She is rarely without the company of her top aide, Cochrane Marshfield, who is believed to be groomed to succeed her.

Stat block: (L8 Ill)

Magic Items
Bracers of Defense +5 Armor
Ring of Protection +4 Armor/+2 saves
2x Wands of Illusion
+1 Quarter Staff
Medallion of ESP
Crystal Ball

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