Lady Galadrian Moonglow

Galadrian is the High Constable of Elvaandor, meaning she is the head of the internal defense forces of the island. The troops under her control are the police, border guards, etc. for all of Elvaandor. In times of war they act as scouts, skirmishers, and light infantry. It is her and her troops responsibility to maintain peace in Cyranis and Elvaandor City.

She too is an advocate of maintaining the true/old ways, much of her feelings on this subject are influenced by her mixed heritage. She is not opposed to open relations with the other races so long as the heritage of the various elven peoples is not lost or forgotten.

In times of war Galadrian and her troops fall under the command of the War Marshall, but in times of peace, her word is law. She is an accomplished ranger and has many animal 'friends' in the wild. If not required to attend a council meeting, Galadrian spends the majority of her time out among the wilds of Elvaandor, periodically checking in with her lieutenants to see if anything requires her direct attention.

She is always dressed in the grey-green leathers of a woods-runner. Her face is covered with Syndarin tattoos and face paint. Her hair is cut to shoulder length and is sandy-brown, here eyes are a pale grey.

Stat block: (Female Maydarin/Syndarin Elf - L12 Ranger)

Magic Items
Cloak of Elvenkind
Boots of Elvenkind
Everfull Quiver
Scimitar +1 Flametongue
+3 Leather Armor

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