Lady Layrillian Silverfox

Lady Silverfox is the eldest of the High Council members (973 years old). She is by far the most adamant about maintaining the true/old ways of her people, often having to be drawn aside and calmed by Beldred Shadowstar and Aertheran Goldeagle. Many of the 'younger' council members would like to see her resign/retire from the council , but she refuses just to spite them.

Despite her advanced age, she is still an active woman. She is the High-Priestess of Elvaara and the matriarch of the third most powerful merchant family on Elvaandor.

Layrillian is a small, slight elf, with waist-length, pale-grey hair and gold eyes.

Stat block: (Female Maydarin Elf - L15 Prst - Elvaara)

Magic Items
Mantle (+2 Protection; Age retarding - wearer ages at 1/5 of normal)
Bracers of Defense +6 Armor
Necklace - Protection from Fire and Lightning
Quarter Staff +1/+3 -vs- Undead

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