Lady Mylistran Llillandria

Mylistran is the leader of the Zar'darin (Peoples Wizards), she is the most powerful mage on Telperion and a key advisor to the King and Queen. Mylistran spends much of her time in her chambers at the top of the Nar'Quessil (Tower of Enchantment) researching new and enhancing existing ones.

Mylistran is rather short (5'3"), with waist length dark-blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She realizes that it is time for the Taydarin's to take a more active role in the affairs of the rest of the world, and openly encourages King Dalamar to open relations with some of the more trustworthy human nations.

She typically dresses in robes of deep blue, embroidered with various runes and magical symbols.

Stat block: (Female Taydarin Elf - L20 Wiz/L2 ArcMage)

Magic Items:
+3 Circlet of Protection
Ring of Spell Storing
Staff - Combines the powers of a Staff of Thunder & Lighning and a ring of Shooting Stars

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