Lady Sinaedria Ebonspire

Sinaedria is a young (168 years) and brash, but talented illusionist. She is the most impulsive of any council members, and often the cause of the most heated debates. The Ebonspire family is one of the oldest on Elvaandor and carries much influence. So despite her young years and rash behavior, her words carry great weight. She council's contact and interactions with other races, but only if the elves have something to gain. She vehemently hates Kaardon, Dagaat, and Dwarves, the remainder are tolerated, except for Halflings. Sinaedria has many friends among the Halfling population of Cyranis and spends much time with them.

Stat block: (Fem Maydarin Elf - L15 Wiz(Ill))

Magic Items
Bracelets of Defense +8 Armor
Ring of Illusions (As Ring of Wizardry - doubles # of levels 1 & 2 spells)

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