Lady Trillian Sunhawk

Trillian is the closest thing to a comedienne that the council has, it is often her 'off the cuff' remarks that help to break tense situations and calm heated discussions. Trillian is widely travelled, having visited nearly every major 'continent' and most major cities on Ghoraja Juun. She is the closest thing to a Royal Bard on Elvaandor, and is the council's eyes and ears to the rest of the world. She is known throughout many of the royal courts of Ghoraja Juun, and when travelling abroad is often requested to perform by various rulers and nobles.

Trillian believes that a balance between the true/old ways and the inevitable changes that are coming are critical to the survival of all elven people, not just Taydarins. She is a master of several musical instruments (lute, lyre, pipes) and quite knowledgeable in the history of Ghoraja Juun since Gods Fall.

Trillian is a tall (5'10") woman of slight build and awesome beauty. Her raven-black hair hangs in wavy ringlets to just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a brilliant blue.

Stat block: (Female Taydarin Elf - L13 Bard)

Magic Items
+4 Buckskin (Leather) Armor
Ring of Improved Invisibility
Ring of Regeneration
+3 Rapier
+2 Dagger
Sapphire Necklace - Teleport No Error (Chambers in Tower of Truth on Elvandaar)

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