Lord Aertheran Goldeagle ("The Eagle of Elvaandor")

Once the most powerful warrior in all of Elvaandor, age (approx. 900) has begun to take its toll. Despite this, Aertheran is still the single most powerful paladin among his people and leads the Maydarins in times of war. He is a master strategist, but only an average tactician. His officers are chosen for their tactical knowledge, and innovative ideas. As long as the true/old ways and traditions are maintained, Aertheran has little concern over the increased interaction with the other races. It is when those traditions or Elvaandor itself are endangered that the "Eagle of Elvaandor" becomes a dangerous opponent.

Aertheran is very tall (6'4"), muscular-built elf with closely cropped, pale, golden-blond hair and piercing ice-blue eyes. He venerates both Elvaara and Valan equally.

In battle he is known to carry the Sytheran Ny'Yuloth (Scourge of Fiends), a powerful long sword.

Stat block: (Male Maydarin Elf - L16 Pal - Valan)

Magic Items
Scourge of Fiends - +5 Long sword "Holy Avenger"
+2 Heavy Shield
Gold Elven Plate Armor - Dirt, blood, etc. do not stick to it

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