Lord Beldred Shadowstar

Beldred is the current head of the High Council and a calming influence on the younger, less level-headed nobles. He holds Maydarin and older elven traditions in high regard. But also realizes that his people need to be open to change if they are to continue to survive in an ever-changing world slowly being dominated by other races. He is among the most powerful mages on Elvaandor, but spends much of his spare time researching in the Tower of Sorcery.

Beldred is of average size and build with long white-gold hair and blue-black eyes. He is nearly always dressed in the green and gold mantle of a High Council member.

Stat block: (Male Taydarin Elf - L19 Wiz)

Magic Items
Bracers of Defense +8 Armor
Robe of Useful Items
Wand of Fire
Wand of Lightning
Wand of Illumination
+2 Staff of Absorption (as Rod)

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