Lord Kelaryn Fylastadryn

War Marshall of Telperion

Lord Kelaryn, known as Ny'veantyr (The Hawk) is the leader of all Taydarin military forces. He is a tall (6'4"), powerfully built (for an elf), hawk faced man with black hair and gold eyes. He is fiercely loyal to his King, Queen and Telperion. He is adamant about keeping the Taydarins isolated from the rest of Ghoraja Juun but will follow his orders without hesitation. Kelaryn is a mater of strategy and tactics, and spends many hours playing through scenario after scenario of famous battles on a magical table in his headquarters. Kelaryn has softened his attitude toward the StormHammer dwarves on Taramir, but is hesitant to trust them.

Kelaryn is a skilled horseman, Pegasus and Griffon rider.

Stat block: (Male Taydarin Elf - L15 Ftr)

Magic Items:
+5 Elven Plate Armor - Grants water breathing to wearer
Ny'Veantyr Caris (The Hawk's Talon) - Longsword - Combines powers of Flame Tounge and Quickness

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