Lord Rezylana Greycloak

Rezylana is a staunch adherent to the true/old ways. as they Greycloak family has always been. He believes that Elvaandor should isolate itself from the rest of Ghoraja Juun as the Taydarin elves have. Humans and the other races should be left to their "imminent self-destruction," while the elves keep to themselves and wait until Ghoraja Juun is once again under their control.

He has a particular dislike for humans, whom he calls "a gods cursed plague on the face of Ghoraja Juun." The nature of this venemous spite is unknown (GM's discretion). Despite is resolve in isolating Elvaandor from the rest of the world, he is one of its staunchest defenders. They Greycloaks have a long history of heroic deeds in the islands defence.

Rezylana is both an formidable warrior and an accomplished mage, as are many in the Greycloak family. He is the best cavalry tactician on Elvaandor and one of Aertheran Goldeagle's most distinguished officers.

Rezylana is of above average height (6'1") and maintains a muscular build (for an elf), his hair is blond and eyes are hazel.

Stat block: (Male Taydarin Elf - L10 Ftr/L10 Wiz)

Magic Items
+4 Elven Chainmail
+2 Medium Shield w/Protection from Normal Missiles
Long Sword +1/+2 -vs- Evil aligned creatures
2x Sets of Horseshoes of Speed

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