(the Gryphon Knight, the Guardian, the Selfless God, the Watcher)


Divine Rank/Status: Lesser Power
Symbol: Gryphon
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Gryphon's Rest
Superior: Aldamar
Portfolio: Devotion, Duty, Endurance, Guardians, Obedience, Perseverance, Protection, Safety, Vigilance
Alignment: LN

Cleric Alignments: LG, LN
Domains: Courage, Endurance, Law, Mind, Protection, Strength
Favored Weapon: Great sword
Major Houses of Worship: The Watchtower
Militant Orders: Order of the Gryphon

Avatar Appearance:

  • A handsome, gryphon-winged knight in silver and blue full plate carrying a flaming great sword.
  • A huge flaming great sword
  • A huge gryphon
  • A great gryphon-winged eye

History & Relationships: Loric is a relatively new god in Ghoraja Juun, having came into being in the midst of the Gods Fall Wars. During a conflict between Aldamar and one of the now dead monstrous deities, Aldamar was seriously injured and a 'piece' of him splintered off. Instead of simply reabsorbing this newly formed entity, Aldamar realized that having "a second set of eyes" could be useful in any future conflicts. Aldamar nurtured the young Loric subtly nudging him in certain directions, granting him additional powers gained from ensuing conflicts. In essence Loric became Aldamar's body guard.

Because of Aldamar's generosity during the Gods Fall conflicts Loric is extremely loyal to him, and would probably sacrifice his existence if the need was great enough. Even once Aldamar freed him from his 'employment' Loric continues to serve Aldamar in whatever ways he can.

Loric is viewed in good light by most of the other deities, though as with most of his fellow deities Vhokuun always has some kind of snide, sarcastic comment to make, often calling him "Aldamar's Pet" or "Aldamar's Puppy". He even joked once that Loric should have taken the form of a dog so he could lay at Aldamar's feet. While Loric has taken all of this abuse stoically, he works secretly behind the scenes to foil many of Vhokuun's plots and schemes. Contention exists between Loric and both Syth and Darkjoye as the Watcher simply cannot abide their selfish attitudes.

He is cognizant of Iridala's romantic notions toward but views love as a 'frivolous escapade' that does nothing but hinder ones ability to do their duty. Despite his apparent non-interest he treats Iridala with utmost respect.

Dogma: TBD

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