(the Black Spear, the Celestial General, the Great Admiral)


Divine Rank/Status: Intermediate Power
Symbol: Black Tower (Rook)
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Tower of War
Superior: Falkyr
Portfolio: Battle, Combat, Hob-goblins, Kaardon, Naval Combat, Strategy, Tactics, War
Alignment: LN

Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, N
Domains: Army, Planning, Ocean, Strength, War, Weather
Favored Weapon: Spear/Javelin
Major Houses of Worship: the Black Tower
Militant Orders: Order of the Black Spear

Avatar Appearance:

  • A weathered Kaardon male dressed in battered black plate mail carrying a black shield, spear and sheaf of javelins
  • A powerful Hob-goblin male dressed in gleaming black plate armor carrying a black shield, spear and sheaf of javelins
  • A shimmering man-sized black tower

History & Relationships: Nâzar is one of the few remaining interloper deities in the Ythrak Nyn. When the entity known as Carnax brought the Kaardon to Ghoraja Juun, Nâzar followed what was at the time the majority of his worshippers. As it took time for the Kaardon to be excepted among the other races, so did it take time for Nâzar to be accepted among the other deities. To accelerate his acceptance Nâzar willingly became subordinate to Falkyr and was eventually given the portfolios of Naval Combat, Strategy and Tactics for his good service.

In approximately 1900 AG Nâzar began to notice a change among the Hob-goblin followers of Chyronn, it was a subtle change but one he felt could be used to his advantage. Slowly and carefully he began to influence the more powerful leaders amongst the Hob-goblin tribes, urging and nudging them away from Chyronn. By the time Chyronn realized what was happening (he isn't the most perceptive of deities) it was to late, Nâzar had taken over as the primary deity of the Hob-goblin race. This has caused some serious animosity between the two, but thus far Chyronn has failed to act. but Nâzar will be ready for him if and when he does.

Among the other deities Nâzar maintains at least cordial relations. He is the nominal leader of the Shieldryn and is on good terms with all of its members as well as Falkyr, Khurne, and Ghart and considers them allies. He has little to do with some of the more 'darker' deities, but when he does he tries to remain civil.

Dogma: TBD

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