(the All-Seeing, the Diviner, the Dreamer, Lord of Illusions, Seer of the Heavens)


Divine Rank/Status: Lesser Power
Symbol: 3-Handed Pyramid with Central Eye (Illuminati)
Home Plane - Demesne: Ythrak Lakdanaan - Tower of Visions
Superior: Phoerryk
Portfolio: Divination, Dreams, Fate, Illusion, Sleep, (Time)
Alignment: N

Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, LE, NG, N
Domains: Divination, Dream, Illusion, Magic, Meditation, Spirit, (Time)
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Major Houses of Worship: Shrine of the Dreamer
Militant Orders: None

Avatar Appearance:

  • A slightly-built bald man with 3 pale blue eyes, dressed in robes and hooded cloak made from mist
  • Huge open eye on a cloud

History & Relationships: Nymdyl is probably the most non-ambitious, laid-back and passive deity on Ghoraja Juun. But he is also one of the most trustworthy. Before Thempys disappeared he gave the Time portfolio over to Nymdyl for safekeeping, and did not retrieve it until well after the Gods Fall Wars had ended.

It is believed he survived the Gods Fall Wars largely by hiding behind incredible illusions and being able to foresee events that would be detrimental to him. It is also possible that he retreated into a time-shifted pocket dimension and waited until the wars were over. At the Wars end he reappeared and took his place among the pantheon.

Nymdyl has few friends among the other deities besides Thempys and Phoerryk, to whom he is nominally subordinate, and even fewer enemies. In the past several deities have tried to take the Illusion portfolio from him, but he has always been able to foresee the plots and do just enough to avoid them.

Followers of Nymdyl beleive that only the patient will receive guidance and reach their goals. Accepting that true seeing and false seeing are two sides of the same thing allows you to choose between them. Dreams may hold both true sights (divinations), and false sights (illusions); neither are good or bad things, they just are.


  • When you see the fruit of truth hanging in the garden, do not reach out to pick it, for it is a mirage. Let it ripen, wait for it to fall from the tree, and pick it from the ground.
  • The truth of today was yesterday's falsehood, and that of tomorrow as well.
  • Wait and see.
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