Ythrak-Nyn - The Pantheon of Ghoraja Juun: There was a time when Ghoraja Juun teemed with gods, goddesses, and divine beings of all sorts. Nearly every intelligent race had its own pantheon, and many of these were comprised of multitudes of deities. Over time some pantheons retreated to other multi-verses, merged together or disappeared completely, and new pantheons appeared as well. Things continued this way for thousands of years.

Then came the Ythrak-Kamyr or 'War of the Exalted' (known later as "Gods Fall"), where gods and goddesses along with their followers battled one another. No mortal has knowledge of who actually is to blame, but it is generally accepted a single event that started what would become the ultimate cataclysm for Ghoraja Juun.

The assassination of the Nordheim god Odynn, by the orc god Ilneval signaled the beginning of the end. A "madness" of some sort seemed to infect divine beings across Ghoraja Juun, and confrontations escalated. Friends and allies battled one another, former enemies began to work together. Some of the lesser powers even banded together into 'hunting packs' in order to be able to take on more powerful deities.

Many of the early deities were destroyed outright, others were defeated and their powers/essence absorbed by their adversaries. These battles continued for many years until few were left. Those remaining signed a compact, the Ythrak Paxyn ('Exalted Peace'), agreeing to never enter into open conflict/battle again. Conflicts would now be solely determined by their proxies and mortal followers. Thus has it remained.

The Ythrak-Nyn (pron. ithrak-nin) or 'Exalted Family' is comprised of 30+ gods and goddesses (at the present). In the table below is a list of deities within the pantheon of Ghoraja Juun. Also included are their alignments, portfolios, symbols, and a reference to the Forgotten RealmsTM deity or deities to which they can be associated (if any). More detailed information about each individual deity can be viewed by clicking on their name.

List of Dieties:

  • Aldamar (LN): Justice, Law, Nobility (Rule), Order, Truth
  • Anagon (N): Dragons, Dragon-like species, Elemental Air, Treasure Hoards
  • Barrakis (NE): Assassination, Lies, Murder, Poison, Serpent-kind, Violence, Violent Death
  • Beroth (N): Bards, Invention, Knowledge, Learning, Literature, Teaching
  • Bhoryaal(CE): Cold, Ice, Snow, Winter
  • Chyronn (CE): Chaos, Destruction, Lightning, Orcs, Giants & other evil humanoids1, Storms
  • Darkjoye (CN): Deception, Madness, Misfortune, Scheming, Trickery
  • Droghaan (NG): Elemental Water, Navigation, Oceans, Sailing, Sailors, Seas, Sea Creatures
  • Dyrge (NE): Darkness, Evil, Forgetfulness, Intelligent Undead, Loss, Necromancy, Undeath
  • Elvaara (CG): Elves2, Faerie, Fey Creatures
  • Falkyr (CN): Battle, Combat, Strength, War, Warriors
  • Ghart (CG): Adventuring, Chance, Exploration, Gaming, Good Fortune, Travel
  • Hastur (LN): Poetic Justice, Retribution, Revenge, Vengeance
  • Hurdaan (N): Change of Seasons, Druids, Nature Oak Leaf
  • Iridala (LG): Beauty, Birth, Family, Fertility, Healing, Home, Love
  • Jackandys (N): Merchants, Money, Trade, Wealth
  • Kalkin (LN): Death, the Dead, Proper Burial, Tombs
  • Khurne (NG): Beasts of Nature, Hunting, Hunters, Rangers, Tracking
  • Loric (LN): Duty, Endurance, Guardians, Obedience, Perseverance, Protection, Safety, Vigilance
  • N├ózar (LN): Battle, Combat, Hob-goblins, Kaardon3, Naval Combat, Strategy, Tactics, War
  • Nymdyl (N): Divination, Dreams, Fate, Illusion, Sleep, Time4
  • Parnyx (CG): Carousing, Dance, Happiness, Joy, Music, Revelry, Youth, Vitality
  • Phoerryk (N): Cynoeth5, Magic, Sorcerers, Spells, Wizards
  • Rhadyn (CN): Deserts, Elemental Fire, Sun
  • Sylistra (CG): Cats, Cat-like species, Hedonism, Passion, Pleasure, Secrets
  • Syth (CN): Elves (Naydarin), Intrigue, Shadows, Spiders, Stealth, Thieves, Thievery
  • Thempys (N): Mental Discipline, Psionics, Time
  • Thordonar (N): Craftsmanship, Construction, Smith work
  • Tomival (NG): Lycanthropes, Moon, Night, Stars
  • Tykhoor (CE): Dagaat6, Disease, Pain, Pestilence, Rot, Sickness, Suffering, Torture
  • Valan (LG): Chivalry, Duty, Honor, Nobility, Paladins, Valor
  • Vhokuun (LE): Cruelty, Domination, Fear, Greed, Political Corruption, Strife, Tyranny
  • Yranna (LG): Good, Life, Light, Peace
  • Zamora (NG): Agriculture, Cycle of Life, Domestication, Farmers, Farming, Halflings, Harvest
  • Zur (N): Caverns/Caves, Dwarves, Elemental Earth, Gems, Mountains
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