Priest General Draakon Jurant

Draakon Jurant is the ranking priest of Falkyr within the empire, and one of empress Varinna's closest advisors. He filled the same capacity for her husband Jagang, before his death. Draakon is an aging man (54) with steel-gray eyes, but still a capable warrior. He is never seen without his symbol of office, a golden bastard sword (see below), wearing it at nearly all court functions, much to the chagrin of some nobles.

Draakon was the one person who held the empire together in the months following Emperor Jagang's death. He is steadfast in his loyalty to the Iron Throne and the empire, not necessarily the person on it.

He most commonly dresses in black robes with gold trim under which he wears some sort of armor.

Stat block: (Male Kaardon L14 Prst - Falkyr)

Magic Items
+3 Leather Armor
+1 Plate mail
+1 Helm - grants powers as Eyes of the Eagle
+2 Bastard Sword - casts Warstrike 2x/day

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