Prince Imperial Montgomery "Monty" Corryno

Montgomery Corryno, or Monty, is your prototypical rich fop/dandy. He is the Emperor's eldest son and current heir to the throne. He is arrogant, self-centered and self-serving. He wields his position and title like a club, in his mind he can do no wrong and everyone should cater to his every whim and desire.

Most days he can be found gallivanting about the city with his little troupe, going from tavern to tavern. He goes through money at a prodigious rate, running up huge debts which his parents end up having to cover. He has no true friends though he surrounds himself with a group of young sycophants, who view the world much as he does and hang on his every word. Though in truth most of them are simply using him and his position to mooch off of the imperial family. He dresses outlandishly, often in styles long outdated. He refuses his parents attempts at reasoning with him, and they have been tentative in their discipline hoping that he will change. Unfortunately Monty is rapidly becoming an embarrassment to the Corryno name, and soon something will need to be done.

His parents have attempted several times to arrange marriages for him, but thus far no other house is willing to risk it. Many assume when (or if) Monty assumes the throne it will be the spell the end of House Corryno's rule. Monty is a tall, attractive man of average build (6'3" 180 lbs) just coming into his prime (23) with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is a favorite among tavern wenches and prostitutes.

Stat Block (L4 Ftr)

Magic Items
Medallion of Defense +5 Armor
+1 Rapier
+2 Stiletto

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