Prince Royal Garion Corryno

Garion is nearly everything his brother is not. He is quiet, unassuming, keeping to himself and his studies much of the time. He pursues his wizardly studies with intensity, but still makes sure to find time to attend most court functions and spend time with his parents. Garion has a natural affinity for magic and is under the tutelage of Ulrich Rowe, the Imperial High Battle Mage. He is an excellent student, and even Rowe is impressed (though unlikely to admit it) with his progress. Because of his demeanor, many other court nobles tend to overlook Garion; this is a mistake. Behind his unassuming demeanor is a sharp mind who understands all the nuances of the court and the politics that govern it.

His father will at times use Garion as a sounding board, his quick mind often finding subtle things that end up making a tremendous difference in the related negotiations or discussions. Deep down his parents realize that Garion would be the more suitable heir, but they are reluctant to go against hundreds of years of tradition. Garion has little desire to rule, he is more than content to spend his years studying and mastering his craft.

Though he has limited time for socializing, he makes an effort when possible. He is quite taken with the youngest daughter of house Seynor, but has yet to approach her. Garion is of average build (5'9" 160 lbs.) with black hair and blue-grey eyes. He is young (18) for a mage of his ability. Though not physically imposing, there is a sense of purpose about him. He is confident in his abilities, but does not flaunt them.

Stat Block (L6 Wiz)

Magic Items
Bracers of Defense +4 Armor
+1 Staff - Detect magic 5/day
Ring of Spell Storing (3 spells of any level)
Boots of Silence

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