Prince Royal Nadrak Vanuraak

Prince Nadrak (the "Mongoose") is what many nobles view as the "Savior of the Empire". At a young age (14), he is already an accomplished warrior. He has shown a natural talent for warfare, strategy, and tactics. Though his mother currently holds the Iron Throne, she is but an acting regent until he reaches the Age of Ascension (16).

Though lacking the scheming intellect of his father, Nadrak shows a wisdom well beyond his young years. He is not overly charismatic, but tends to command respect through his actions. He lacks the normal stockiness and muscle mass of typical Kaardon males. Instead he is lean, quick and very agile (hence his moniker). He has yet to grow into his full strength as of yet, but should in the coming years.

His eyes are the same sky blue as his mothers, and like most Kaardon nobles he shaves his head bald. Nadrak spends as much time as possible away from what he views as the 'petty bickering' of the court. Many of his friends are common soldiers and low-ranking officers. He is rarely out of his armor, and carries several weapons with him at all times including his family's heirloom sword Malrak Rythaark (See below).

Having as yet to reach the Age of Ascension, Nadrak (much to his chagrin) is still "ghosted" by a bodyguard. He agreed to this under one condition, he was to be able to hand pick his bodyguard. A contest of sorts, largely developed by Nadrak himself, with the winner to be named bodyguard to the future emperor. The contest was comprised of a series of trials, both physical and intellectual, and anyone regardless of race or nationality was eligible to enter. The contest, which took several months to complete, was eventually won by Kylveran Nightserpent (L7/7 Ftr/Rog) a halfbreed of Naydarin/Maydarin descent. Kylveran passed all the physical tests easily, but it was his mental skills that caught Nadrak's eye. He more often outthought his opponents rather than trying to out fight them. In the three years since the contest he has become one of the prince's closest friends. Nadrak has made it clear that any undo attack, insult, etc. on Kylveran will be considered a personal affront to the future emperor.

Stat block: (Male Kaardon L5 Ftr)

Magic Items
+2 Chainmail
+1 Dagger x2
Malrak Rythaark (Heart of Rythaark) +3 Intelligent broad sword (Int 13, Telepathic)

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