Princess Alystrana (Strana) Shiyalandriel

The princess of Telperion is radically different from her parents, she prefers the thrill of adventuring and combat over the calm and serenity of the Beloved Home. Though young for an elf (105) she is already an extremely accomplished warrior. She is capable of riding numerous beasts into battle (Horses, Pegasus, Giant Eagles), she has recently taken a break from adventuring to return to Telperion and spend time with her parents. The king and queen are happy to have their daughter home, though they know that she will not stay forever.

Strana, a less formal name she prefers, is a tall (6'3"), sturdily built, attractive woman with a fierce streak of independence. She has her mothers red-gold hair but her eyes are a unique blue-green. Unlike most of her people Strana has spent significant time with the StormHammer dwarves on Taramir with whom she shares a love of battle. It is from the dwarves that she learned to fight with battle axe and mace. Strana is rearely seen out of her armor and is always armed in some fashion.

Stat block: (Female Taydarin Elf - L9 War [Beast Rider])

Magic Items:
Razor Claw - +3 Sabre
+3 Elven Chainmail
Ring of Fire Resistance
+1 Longbow of Distance
Necklace of Negative Plane Protection

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