Princess Royal Narissa Vanuraak

Narissa, though still a young child, carries a strange, yet definitive aura about her. At six years old she already shows insight into matters that even some of the most learned sages, priests, and mages have trouble understanding.

Narissa is unlike any Kaardon child ever born. Her hair is a wavy, golden blonde and her eyes a deep, metallic gold that seem to reflect light from even the dimmest of sources. After her birth, many nobles of the court accused the empress of having had an affair, that Narissa could not possibly be a child of Jagang. Some even accused the child of not being Kaardonese at all. Priest and mages alike were brought in, and cast many divination and other spells to derive the truth. They all revealed the same truth, Narissa was the true daughter of the emperor and empress.

Narissa's sleep is often filled with strange visions of wondrous places and a old Kaardonese knight dressed in battered, golden plate armor and carrying two gleaming, heavy knives (kukris).

Since she is still a child, Narissa has her own personal bodyguard, Chopek, a hulking Firbolg (Male L13 Rng), who has guarded the imperial heirs for the past 100 years. Chopek was saved from a pack of manticore by Narissa's great-great grandfather and pledged the unending loyalty of he and his kin to the Vanuraak line.

GMs Note: Narissa has been chosen by Falkyr to be his ???, his chosen representative on Ghoraja Juun. Though already capable of a great many things normally well beyond a child of her age, Narissa has yet to truly understand her future. She has already decided to enter into the church of Falkyr, but cannot do so until she reaches the age of 12.

Stat block: (Female Kaardon)

Magic Items
+3 Ring of Protection
+2 Knife
+3 Circlet of Protection

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